Monday, May 30, 2011

Don't get it twisted...Lady is a killer.

As most of you already know, Never Scared is finished.  And some of you may even wonder what it's really about.  And as the writer, I often wonder how many themes actually exist in the book.  When I write, it's all about the characters first....plot a close second.  Once I have the characters down, the plot can basically write itself. 

Everytime an idea comes to mind for a book or short story, I begin the process by writing a very in depth cast of characters.  I want my characters to hop off the page and I want my readers to identify with my characters.  And I want the readers to root for the characters even though they may do questionable things.  My biggest example of this is the protagonist in Never Scared, Alexa (Lady).

When I had the initial dream that inspired the book, I immediately started putting pieces together for Alexa's puzzle.  I developed her back story because I felt like I needed to know her to write this book.  Since she is the lead character in the book, I wanted to breath life into her through her experiences.  These experiences may not even be revealed in this first book but they are always in my mind when I write 'Alexa'. 

Of all my characters, she is definitely one of the favs because there are so many layers to her.  There are so many intricate details to her life that make her who she is.  AND most importantly, I'm rooting for her and my hope is that you will root for her as well. 

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  1. Never Scared.... Good read, NO that is an understatement. GREAT read! Need to be a movie.