Friday, May 20, 2011

Welcome to the Basement!

My first blog was a bust!  I'm going to try this again because...I'm Never Scared (pun intended). 

Right now, I'm in query hell.  I have been sending out countless queried for my first book, Never Scared, and I'm winding down to the end of the road.  Of course, it's not dismal (I still have a couple out) but I'm impatient.  I know this about myself.  And it's definitely something I'm working on. 

Since I started quering though, I've been working on completing a couple of my other manuscripts.  The first one up is The Affair.  And here's my problem and a little history.  The Affair was actually started before Never Scared.  The first 50,000 words kind of wrote themselves.  BUT...I'm blocked.  I even did a dreaded outline.  And I just haven't had the desire to finish it.  I did write a killer rewrite of the best love scene ever.  And I mean ever.  Here's the premise:  Sydney Williams high tailed it out of her home in Virginia to get away from a suffocating relationship.  Life was good for Sydney when she arrived in Michigan.  She was working for one of the big automotive companies in the area.  She was engaged to a successful, although boring Caden.  Life was good.  But when Caden cheats on her in her own bed months before the wedding, Sydney turns to her best friend, Nathan Morgan.  Unable to control her long hidden (or maybe not) desire for Morgan, Sydney throws caution to the wind and spends the night with him.  There's one problem:  Morgan is not just any best friend.  Morgan is Caden's brother. 

So, what's a sista to do?  I can't very well paste my fingers on the keyboard and force myself to write.  If you have any ideas, please let me know. 

Anyway, welcome and come back often.


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