Friday, October 21, 2011

The Great Pretender by Millenia Black

From Millenia’s Black website (  “Castles Built on Sand are eventually washed away by the sea…  How deeply can the past be buried?  Don’t all secrets come back to haunt us?  Leslie Cavanaugh enjoys the perfect life in West Palm Florida. She has the best husband, daughter, and career.  But Leslie Cavanaugh is not who she claims to be.  And when her sorrowful past is exposed, she struggles to hold her family together, and nothing can prepare her for the most intimate betrayal of them all!”

This wasn’t the first book I’ve read by Ms. Black.  I read her first novel, The Great Pretender, which was a quick, exciting read.  I couldn’t wait to get my hands on The Great Betrayal.  As with The Great Pretender, there were plenty of twists and turns in this book.  The author has a way of creating drama and heightening suspense. 

Once I finished, though, I couldn’t help but feel cheated.  Although I ‘figured’ out the betrayal early on in my reading, I still held out hope that I was wrong.  And if I was wrong, I would have had to give Ms. Black 5-stars because that’s such a rarity.   Alas, I wasn’t wrong.

The pacing along with my need to prove myself wrong propelled me to the end of the book.  And I have to say, I was disappointed. 

Overall, it was a good, juicy read (reminded me of a soap opera).  My rating:  3.5 stars.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Ice Ice, Baby!

Around this time every year, I get excited.  Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas (MY FAVORITE HOLIDAY) is approaching quickly.

The only downside to these fun months is the cold.  And living in Michigan, I've already had my fair share of the chills.  Nevertheless, I can't help but smile at the thought of Christmas lights, the smell of pine, the seasonal decorations, and Never Scared (hopefully in time for New Year's). 

I have a lot to look forward to this winter.  What are you looking forward to in the next coming months?