Thursday, May 16, 2013

A to Z Song Challenge: M is for My Testimony

So glad I made it,
I made it through
In spite of the storm and rain, heartache and pain
Still, I'm declaring
That I made it through
See, I didn't lose
Experience lost at a major cost
But I never lost faith in You
So if you see me cry,
It's just a sign that I'm
I'm still alive
I got some scars, but I'm still alive
In spite of calamity
He still has a plan for me
And it's working for my good
And it's building my testimony

When my mother died, my hubby made a movie of her life in pictures.  This song was playing in the background.  Now, when I hear this song, I always think of her.  I can't listen to it without tearing up.  Not just because of her, but the words are so profound.  We all have scars, things that happen to us, but we make it through.  Everyone has a story.  Everyone has a testimony. 

is for My Testimony by Marvin Sapp

Although there were many songs for "M" that are on my list, this one has touched me the most.  Hope you enjoy!


  1. Lovely song. Sometimes life can be so hard, but if we remember that everything will work out in the end then it's more tolerable to go through. My favorite part is where he sings, "But I never lost faith in you."

    1. So true. That's a great line!!! Never lose faith. That's how my mother lived. It was such a fitting song for her memorial.