Wednesday, July 24, 2013


Hey Peeps!  It’s been a pleasure to meet so many wonderful authors in this journey.  And my guest for today is one of them.  Let’s welcome Emma Calin!

Hi Leslie – thanks so much for letting me post here for the Blogger Book Fair. 

My name is Emma Calin and I am an author of hot steamy romance and gritty short stories and novellas.  My theme for the Book Fair has been 'Three Sentence Seduction' - where writers give me three sentences from one of their books to seduce the reader.  A character, a location and a favourite final scene sentence. Leslie has done hers on my blog today if you fancy going for a look.

I have just launched a collection – a 'boxed set' of five of my novelettes and short stories.  It is called the 'Love in a Hopeless Place Collection'.  I would like to share my 'Three Sentence Seduction' across the stories from the set.   Since my sentences tend to be short, I am going to cheat and allow myself the luxury of two or more sentences for each.  It is my show after all!

A character (Alan from Escape to Love): He must have been about 6’4”, a foot taller than her. His broad shoulders almost filled the doorway as he stepped out of the shadows. She let him pass, he smelled of man sweat, mud and wet clothes.

A location (Sub-Prime): Even the snow wasn’t real snow. At first it sparkled like tinsel, giving the grubby old town that X-Factor moment of fame before the gods laughed you off. Now grey slush soaked into Mikes cheap trainers as he walked from the job centre.

A scene-ending sentence (from Love in a Hopeless Place): Things had gone out of control, but I was where I was. Now, there was no going back.

The five titles in the collection are all novelettes or short stories.  They stand alone in their own right but are linked by a common theme:  the universal quest for survival, love, passion and respect against the gritty backdrop of working class life. 

Sub-Prime  - a gritty short story
The Chosen  - a short story with a twist
Escape To Love – a novelette, a suspense romance with a twist
Angela  - a short story
Love in a Hopeless Place  - a novelette, a romance.

To celebrate the Blogger Book Fair ALL of my books are reduced to 99c/76p/89€

In addition, during July and August 'ANGELA' the short story from the collection is FREE – so you can even try one before you buy the set!

Thanks for having me Penelope, regular readers of this blog can visit Penelope's post on my blog here:

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Thanks for stopping by Emma!  It’s been so much fun!


  1. Wow it sounds like you are busy with the BBF, Emma. I'm enjoying learning about so many authors. BBF is broadening my horizons.