Tuesday, May 21, 2013

A to Z Song Challenge: R is for Roxanne

Growing up, I remember music always being a part of my life.  Either the stereo was turned on or my mother was singing.  So I was exposed to a variety of different artists and songs.  Unfortunately, some of those songs were way above my head in subject matter. 

I was the queen of song misinterpretation.  I was the one who thought Juicy Fruit by Mtume was really about a piece of gum.  It wasn't until my mother firmly corrected me when I was singing it at the top of my lungs in the back seat of the car.  Then there was the song Joystick by The Dazz Band.  One guess what that song was about, but I just knew they were talking about my Atari video game system.  And there was a song by the Whispers called Olivia (Lost and Turned Out).  It was really about a young girl, forced into prostitution by a pimp.  I thought it was about Little Red Riding Hood because the chorus said, "Olivia got distracted on her way to Grandmother's house." 

So, my "R" song was another one that I got completely wrong.  And I'll leave it up to you to guess why...

is for Roxanne by The Police (Love me some Sting)


  1. This song brings back some great memories. Fantastic song Leslie.

    1. Thanks Nana! The song has been in my head all day!