Saturday, May 4, 2013

A to Z Song Challenge: C is for Careless Whisper by WHAM

Thanks for riding with me on this trip down song memory.  C was a bit of a struggle for me because there were so many songs that I could pick.  BUT I loved 80s music and WHAM was one of my favorite groups. 

I can recall the first time I heard this song and I played it constantly.  Back then, I didn’t have a CD player on an MP3 player so I was forced to get my tape recorder out and actually try to catch this song on the radio so I could record it.  Needless to say, those were pretty crappy recordings but they got the job done. LOL 

So here it is…

And I’m never gonna dance again, guilty feet I’ve got no rhythm….
is for Careless Whisper



  1. I sighed when I saw your song. Careless Whisper is the best. I always wonder what he did to make her leave him.

    1. Me too Nana! I have my ideas though. ;)